Ex-Students Association

JHS Ex-Students Association 


The J.H.S. Ex-Students Association organized on October 30, 1959.



President:  Leslie Hicks Holman

Vice-President:  Roxanna Rumage Maddox

Secretary:  Debbie Gammon Wells

Treasurer:  Kim Conway Hart

Board of Directors  

Darlene Bonner Duncan

Carolyn Shaw Calhoun

Leslie McAvoy Chalmers

Margaret Hendricks Collins

Kristy Bennett Daws

Dayna Geer Gunter

Lanora Hensley Joslin

Dean Leach

Tiffany Bonner Lipscomb

Jane Ann McAnear Rhoten

Kimberly Wells Ross

Martha Hackley Salmon

Larry Shields

David Spiller

Clint Strickland

Christy Pender Thomas

Tony Thomas

Jim Whitsitt

The links to the left will guide you to pages of the JHS Ex-Students Association. Feel free to forward any important information regarding the Alumni Association to us. If there is any incorrect information, or you would like to post contact information for your yourself or your spouse, please email the Webmaster.