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JMS Cross Country Results from Sanger Meet

Jacksboro Jr High XC Results @ Sanger 9/1/21


(25 Total Teams Competed at the Meet)

JH Boys (2nd place TEAM, 132 Total Boys Competed)

4th  Lochlan Pardue  13:14

16th  Brayden Rockey  14:13

  21st  Gavin Kennedy  14:36

25th  Travis Mitchell  14:50

28th  Wyatt Gavitt  15:03

97th  Angel Aldava  20:49


JH Girls  (3rd place TEAM, 170 Total Girls Competed)

7th  Rylee Bennett  15:54

8th  Kennedy Lowther  15:55

9th  Dylann Nichols  15:56

20th  Madison Collins  16:41

29th  Ailin Aldava  17:06

61st  Kylie Johnson  18:50

64th  Holly Lehman  19:15

68th  Bella Nail  19:41

81st  Kailee Lehman  20:17