JISD Bus Rules

At Jacksboro ISD, we strive to provide safe, efficient, and reliable transportation to and from school for qualifying students. We would like to thank you for your support with JISD School Bus Rules for this school year. 



JISD Bus Rules:

  1.  Do as the driver instructs you.

  2.  Keep quiet on the bus.

  3.  Face forward at all times.

  4.  While the bus is moving please remain seated.

  5.  Keep hands and other objects to yourself. (cellphones are for personal use only)

  6.  Respect yourself, others around you, and bus/school property.

  7.  Wear seat belts properly at all times if applicable.

  8.  Leave food or drinks at home or school.

  9.  Keep hands inside the bus and do not throw objects out the window.