•                                             SAT/ACT/TSI Testing Information


    Most colleges will accept either the SAT or ACT and will use the highest score among all tests taken. You will need to check with the college of your choice regarding their entrance requirements.

    If you go to a community college, you only need the TSI and you do not need to take the SAT or the ACT.

    If you later transfer to a university, you will be a transfer student and will not need the SAT or ACT—if you have enough transfer hours.

    ACT and SAT recommend that students take their tests at least twice. You don’t have to take both of them, but you may if you want to try both assessments. You may register on-line at the websites indicated below, in the counselor’s office, or on your own.


    • Colleges accept both assessments.
    • Calculators on the math sections may be used.
    • The student essay is persuasive writing. Examinees are presented with an issue relevant to high school students. Two different perspectives on the issue are provided. The examinee may choose to support one of these perspectives or to develop a response based on their own perspective.


    SAT Information:
    Register online at https://sat.collegeboard.org/home  See the website for more information. The information below is from the SAT website. 
    The high school will offer an SAT SCHOOL DAY for Seniors October 28, 2021 for a cost of $35. The SAT SCHOOL DAY for Juniors will be held on March, 2 2022 at a cost of $35. 



    ACT Information:
    Register online at http://www.actstudent.org/. The info below is from the ACT website.
    The high school will offer the ACT SCHOOL DAY for Seniors on October 5, 2021 at a cost of $35. The ACT SCHOOL DAY for Juniors will be held on April 19, 2022 at a cost of $35. 

    TSI Testing

    Students will need to take this test if:
    • They are planning on taking a dual credit class for the first time this summer.
    • If the student is a Senior and the vocational school, two-year college, or university requires the test.

     ****All students, who meet the above requirements, must sign up to take the test in the Counseling Center.****


                              TEST Date         Registration Deadline
                       November 13, 2021          November 10, 2021
                       February 12, 2022               February 9, 2022
                      March 5, 2022           March 2, 2022