Susan Coley



Degrees and Certifications:

Susan Coley

PreAP English I & English 2
This is my fifth year at Jacksboro High School. My husband Ralph and I live in Bryson on our family ranch. We raise Angus cattle and chickens, garden, rescue llamas and battle wild hogs. 
My classroom is a mix of reading, writing, conversation, study hall and building skills for success. I'm open to conversations about coursework, concerns, and high fives! You are welcome to contact me at 940/567-7204, extension 298. 
My Schedule

Study Hall 7:30 to 7:50 - only with a pass from Coley

Period 1  7:50 to 8:40 - Dual Credit

Period 2  8:44 to 9:34 - Pre-AP English 1

Food Court Open  9:34 to 9:44

Period 3  9:48 – 10:33 - Conference

 Period 4  10:37 to 11:22 - English 2

Period 5  11:26 to 12:11 - English 2

Lunch  12:11 to 12:37

Period 6  12:41 to 1:03 - PASS

Period 7  1:07 to 1:52 - English 2

Period 8  1:56 to 2:41 - Pre-AP English 1

Period 9  2:45 to 3:30 - English 2

Detention  3:30 to 4:15

Study Hall Time
Students are welcome to come to my room from 7:30 until the first bell for study hall. You will need a pass from me. That time is not for roaming the halls. There is help with assignments, reading time or a chance to get ready for the day ahead.
Tools for Success
  • Expectations for success include a binder with a divider each class and a pouch for supplies. The school provides this and I will teach you to keep it organized.
  • Students need earbuds, that will fit in the pencil pouch, for listening to audiobooks and Chromebook videos.
  • A three subject spiral notebook that will be used every day. No pages will be torn from it.  
  • Students will keep a list of passwords, a calendar and assignment sheets for all classes. We will learn to do it on paper and as a Chromebook app. This will be a weekly grade.
  • This is a reading and writing class and we will read and write daily in class. If you are unprepared, there will be consequences. 
  • A plug-in mouse is a handy tool to use with the Chromebook.
  • Remind 101 is an app that works on phones and computers. Each class has a code to connect with me. This is a handy way to send group and individual reminders about classwork and Class of 2021 doings. My former students will say the drawback is that I often send messages between 5 and 6 a.m. when I'm getting ready for the day. I'll try not to do that very often.
Remind 101 Class Codes for Phones
Text 81010
In the message section, add the correct code from below.
In the web browser, 
Jacksboro High School: jhsstuden
2nd Period - 4i9a6fi
4th Period - owbv821
5th Period - 8r6jt
7th Period - trkeik
8th Period - aobbgc
9th Period - kinaga
Class of 2021 - c3cf8a
Class of 2022 - 3kefgg
Electronic Devices
If students have a tablet or Chrome Book, they will need a variety of apps to help with their classwork including a dictionary, a calendar and a working Gmail email account that will be set up by the school. JISD is a Google district and all the apps we use in the classroom can be used across devices so students will be able to stay in touch at school, home and during activities. Students will be expected to turn in assignments electronically at the teacher's request. Chromebooks will be charged overnight and will not be plugged in during class. An uncharged Chromebook will draw lunch d-hall.